Amazon’s Awesome Fire TV is on Fire

Take a Look at the Amazon Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD

Amazon has come out with a newly updated Amazon TV that is worth the price for all that the package contains. For a long while, Amazon has been leading the way in providing steaming services to its customers. And now they have knocked it out of the proverbial ballpark with the release of their newest media streaming device. Purchasing the Amazon Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD is the best choice for customers looking to take their smart TV and in-home media to the next level.

TV, Media, and entertainment are changing and evolving very quickly. One needs the latest technology to be able to enjoy television, music and movies to the fullest. Amazon has created the latest and greatest in streaming devices, allowing consumers the availability to delight in the best programing from their living room. Amazon Fire TV with 4K ultra streaming media player is the latest advancement in in-home entertainment. It stretches the idea of what a media streaming device is and what it can do.

4K Ultra HD Support

On a HDTV, Amazon Fire TV allows viewers to watch in 4K Ultra HD, and in 1080p or 720p, even without a 4K HD TV. This newest installation of the Fire TV has more than 75% more processing power than its predecessors. It packs a punch with 8 GB of storage with the ability to expand storage to 200 GB. With better WIFI support, a specific graphics engine, and 2 GB of memory, the technology behind the newest Amazon Fire is worth the upgrade alone. These features allow for supreme viewing and audio quality.

Connect a smart TV to the Amazon Fire TV 4K Ultra to enjoy over 300,000 films and television programs with a touch of a few buttons. More than 15,000 apps allow the purchaser multitudes of other multi-media platforms. The Amazon Fire TV provides access to over 140 channels and apps like Hulu, Netflix, HBO, Showtime, and Amazon, allowing customers to watch all their favorite shows, even if from different networks and platforms. Amazon Prime users get unlimited access to Prime video, which features thousands of TV programs and movies not available to everyone else. Even if the user doesn’t have satellite or cable, the Fire TV allows streaming through DIRECTV and other apps.


The Amazon Fire TV is small and light, easily transportable from location to location. Ability to music includes connectivity with Pandora, Iheartradio, and Amazon music. YouTube, Vimeo, and Vevo are available at the touch of a button and a simple vocal request. And Multiple gaming options are available from Mojang, EA, Disney, and more. You can easily command Alexa to jump between multi-media sources.


Another great feature of the Amazon Fire TV is the Alexa Voice Remote. Just like the Amazon Echo, the Alexa Voice remote can respond to everyday commands and information, allowing immediate programming and connectivity to your smart home, entertainment, news, etc. all by the sound of your voice. Ordering a pizza or figuring out show times for movies playing in your area has never been easier than with a push of a button and voice command. The Alexa Voice Remote is Bluetooth supported, making it easy to connect any smart device. You can virtually voice command Alexa to control any part of your house.

Final Thoughts:

Compared with other streaming media players like Apple TV and Roku, Amazon Fire is on fire. Its adaptability to adapt is second to none, with every bang and whistle you could possibly want in a media player. The box’s small and compact size make it easy to stash away and hide while the remote control is simple, user friendly, and easily programmable. With an easy interface and sleek design, Amazon Fire TV is the future of media streaming devices.

The Fire isn’t the cheapest media streaming device on the market, but it isn’t the priciest, either. Customers are able to do everything with this device from watching current television programming in real time to ordering food for delivery. One gets a lot of features included with the overall package to make the price seem more than worth it.

The Amazon Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD is available now and exclusively with

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV








        • 4K Ultra HD
        • Expandable Storage
        • Portable
        • Alexa


        • Still pushes Amazon but not nearly as bad as previously
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